Vaishnavi Nandakumar

I love to read, write and code.

I’m a software engineer at Visa working towards creating an impact in tech. I graduated from Vellore Institute of Technology in 2022 and am presently living in Bangalore, India.


June 2022 - Present
Full Time Employee
Backend Engineering

Developed monitoring and alerting capabilities in the CMS team and created a utility tool for automating QA testing. During my internship, built a Java-based data loader client library for preprocessing events and conducting data analytics using Elasticsearch and Kibana.

Jan 2022 - May 2022
Machine Learning

Implemented new vision approaches for DVR using machine learning and computer vision techniques. Analyzed dashcam video feeds and CAS alert data to identify potential hazards and understand event scenarios by correlating different event sequences.

Oct 2021 - Dec 2021
Technical Documentation

Developed technical content including API documentation and user manuals for Transerve Online Stack (TOS), a SaaS platform for geospatial analytics.

Aug 2020 - Dec 2020

Taught an introductory course to Python for students ranging from 12-18 years of age and increased enrollment by 40% during the course of the internship.
This will always be one my of favourite gigs as it made me realise how much I enjoyed teaching.

Mar 2020 - Jun 2020
Technical Writing

Responsibilities included technical writing and documentation for the analysis of various applications in the field of artificial intelligence and data science.

My Open Source Journey

I’m very passionate about open source and I truly believe that the collective capacity of a community is capable of producing some amazing things.


Currently, I am actively involved in the AsyncAPI open-source project which focuses on designing and documenting asynchronous APIs to enable scalable and event-driven architectures. I secured acceptance into their 2023 mentorship program that gave me the chance to collaborate closely with maintainers and community developers.

AsyncAPI Conf on Tour 2023

I presented a talk on the Request Reply Messaging Patterns and their use cases at the AsyncAPI Conference on Tour’2023 that was conducted at Postman. It was a wonderful experience, and I'm looking forward to more speaking opportunities.

FOSS United Bangalore

Apart from that, I am also a volunteer at FOSS Bangalore , a registered non-profit dedicated to the cause of building Free and Open Source (FOSS) projects and communities in India. We conduct regular meet-ups with a community centric approach dedicated to discuss open source technology and sustainable solutions.

Have an interesting project you think I might like? Let me know!

Beyond Work

Book Reviews & Blogs
Personal Blogs
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I curate an Instagram account dedicated to reviewing every book I've read. It was a passion I kickstarted during covid and has over 100 posts now! I also love to write and the Wordpress blog I had created in 2014 still continues to be my favourite medium of publishing. You can check it out here.
Sports & Fitness
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The badminton culture in Bangalore is intense and I absolutely love competition. I picked up the sport again more seriously in 2023 and I love every minute of it.
Events Director
Computer Society of India
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I was inducted as a core member in 2018 and this chapter gave me an amazing opportunity to develop my skills in both technological and non tech aspects. As the Director of Events, I was responsible for the coordination and management of various events conducted by CSI-VIT within the Vellore Campus.
Toastmasters International
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Toastmasters International is an educational organization that promotes communication, public speaking and leadership. From various competitions to insightful sessions, this club gave me the ideal platform to improve and learn so much about leadership and effective communication.


Latest I've written

Learning Hadoop with ML-100k - A Five Part Series

A comprehensive five-part series addressing the basics of Hadoop and implementations of diverse problem statements, spanning from a counter application to employing distributed cache for joins.

Beyond MapReduce: Navigating Hadoop with Hive

An extension of the five part series where Hive was conceptually explored using the same set of problem statements.

Spark Programming with RDDs: Exploring the ML-100K Dataset

An introduction into the basics of Spark programming using the same dataset and problem statements.

Spark Programming with DataFrames

This blog post dives into leveraging Spark DataFrames and Spark SQL for analysis of the ML-100K dataset.

External Projects


Customizable login and registration templates that offers a choice of DB to be used between MySQL and MongoDB.

EduCare - A Resource Contribution Platform

A web application for an education driven contribution platform that can manage and maintain the interactions between different user profiles.


A CLI tool to implement and visualize digital image processing filters on a given input file without the usage of built in functions.

You made it to the end!
If you have an idea or an opportunity you think I'd like, connect with me and let me know all about it! You can reach out to me via email or through any of the social links given above.